There Are Some Things You Shouldn’t Share on Social Media


Insomnia came for a visit tonight. It happens when I have a lot on my mind and this time is no exception. I was scrolling through Facebook a few minutes ago waiting patiently for sleep to come and I noticed a few posts that were all too familiar. Someone was making a negative reference to Donald Trumps appearance. If it’s not him it’s Obama or someone else in the limelight. So what, right? What’s the big deal? I guess I will tell you. We do not choose the way we look. We can’t choose our height, the color of our eyes, our skin or whether or not we will lose our hair. Not everyone is born to look like a movie star or a supermodel. I think it is terribly cruel to make fun of someone because they look less than perfect by our own standards. What does that possibly say about you? What kind of person rips at something about someone they have no power to change? People are insecure enough without constantly being ridiculed for the way they look. I don’t care if it’s Donald Trump or a neighbor down the street, to publicly and openly insult someone is just plain cruel. Imagine if people would be more open to pointing out positive attributes rather than negative ones? Why do insults come so easily these days? Isn’t there enough cruelty in the world already without making a contribution of our own? 

Be kind. Be sensitive to people’s feelings, everyone’s feelings. There can’t be certain rules for certain people. If we point a finger at someone for doing something we think is wrong, if we do it, we are wrong too. There is no retribution. It’s our responsibility to always act in a way that sets a higher, kinder standard. Life is hard enough without having to deal with pettiness or added insecurities. No one deserves to be demeaned  in the middle of a Facebook post. I wouldn’t want to be. Sure, some people would be unaffected but believe me many would. You know what they say, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Today, compliment someone. Watch the effect it will have. Maybe it will make someone uncomfortable because it’s something they don’t hear very often. Maybe it will even make someone grow a little bit taller. What do you say, are you with me on this one?

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