When Will Time Run Out?


I was walking to the car with my husband when he casually asked, “how much time do you think I have, 10 years, 20, maybe 30? It really ripped at my heartstrings. Sometimes I become so consumed with the everyday little things that I forget tomorrow is never guaranteed. It seems like time goes by in months instead of minutes these days. It’s all a blur. In the blink of an eye, one year is over and a new one’s beginning. It saddens me to think how much time I’ve wasted on things that really don’t matter. Today they might seem like big things but in the scheme of a lifetime, they are not important at all.

Today, keep in mind that there’s no way to know how much time we have left. Live like there is no tomorrow and love everyone in your life like you may never see them again. Focus on what really counts and remember, every single moment is truly a gift.


12 thoughts on “When Will Time Run Out?

  1. My brother in law died suddenly in 2010, he was only 6 months older than me. It was the catalyst for me to visit my brother in New Zealand. You never know what’s around the corner.
    I tell Hubby I love him every day. He tells me first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and a lot of times in between. We try not to take each other for granted. When we got together, I told him I wanted to celebrate at least our golden wedding anniversary. Next year we are half way, yet it seems just a few years ago that we met.

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    • Losing someone close can really make you look at life differently. Sounds like you are on the right path. I do try and cherish everyday and everyone. I think for the most part I am doing well. We all have those other days and it’s okay to let it go and move on.

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  2. We have this little plaque that quote often, when someone’s had a bad day or whatnot: “It’s never too late to start the day over.” I think the same applies to life, in that its never too late to appreciate what time we have left, to make the most of it. I’ve done the math in my head as well. I’m 47 now, so even if I’m blessed enough to live into my ’80’s, my days are half over. It’s all hypothetical, there’s no possible way to know how much time we’ll be afforded. Not certain I’d really want to know.

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