Focus On the Positive


I’m trying hard to stay positive and get my mind off all the anxiety we have at home because of school. I help Chase spend countless hours doing work he doesn’t even slightly understand. Tonight I looked in his backpack to look at his two most recent tests. I couldn’t believe both papers had mistakes when it came to grading. One test had two mistakes and the other had one but the point is he works too hard to be cheated out of even 1 point he deserves. I feel like I already do so much already. I have palpitations and high blood pressure and I actually start to shake when I have to communicate with anyone at the school. I have limited those interactions. I have been meditating and even went back to the gym after nearly a year of doing nothing but yoga. I am trying to recover and get it together because that’s what my boy needs me to do. Now I have to check and make sure papers are graded correctly too? On a positive note, I just got notification that his grade went from a 72 to an 84.6. That’s a significant difference. I’m glad I caught the mistake. Breathe and let it go. These are the wrong things to dwell on, the ones that don’t really matter. We will get through this and everything will be alright. Focus on the positive and keep moving forward, one small step in front of the other. I’ve got this. There is no other option.

11 thoughts on “Focus On the Positive

  1. koolaidmoms

    Do they have a patent advocate you can work with so you don’t have to deal with the school on your own? Or do you have a trusted friend that can help you and support you? It shouldn’t have to be so hard for you and your son.

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    • It’s really awful. I should do a documentary. People have no idea what kind of experience school can be when a child doesn’t fit the norm. I have talked to an advocate but in the end I am the one who has to continue to sit in endless meetings and fight for what he deserves. 5 more months and I am done with this school. I’m counting the days 😉

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  2. You’re still here! —obsessing? You shouldn’t have to be uptight about contacting Chase’s teacher or principal or anything to do with school. THEY are THERE to serve YOU!!! You are their boss! You pay their salaries. Be strong. Stand up! Tell the teacher if he/she makes a grading mistake. And, goodness knows, Chase’s school work should not affect your health!!!!!!!! Do what you can. Get a tutor to help if the load gets too much. Actually, sounds like you’ve done a heck of a good job, “Mom”!!!! Phil from

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