Favorite Christmas Tradition


I love to read all the posts for the 12 Days of Christmes blogging challenge so I thought I’d join in.  

For as long as I can remember, we have always gone to church on Christmas Eve. After mass, we gather at my sisters house for a beautiful sit down dinner followed by amazing desserts. We all gather in the living room patiently waiting to unwrap our Christmas pajamas and in a matter of seconds, we are comfortable, warm and very cozy. Sometimes the pjs are pretty and sometimes they are just plain funny. It is something everyone looks forward to every year.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Why not join the challenge?


One thought on “Favorite Christmas Tradition

  1. the-reluctant-parent

    Hi there. Can you give me the link for the challenge?

    One of my favorite Christmas traditions was watching a Christmas Story every year with my dad.

    I love what you posted and I can just picture that scene in my mind and feel the softness of the pajamas and get a sense for the festive atmosphere.

    I hope you’re doing well.


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