As the end of another year rapidly approaches, I look back in reflection. There have been highlights and moments so low I don’t care to remember. Why do I go there then? Why do I make it a point every year to revisit the last 365 days of my life? For me, I guess it’s about perspective. Time has a way of doing that you know, sorting everything out in some type of order I can finally understand. Events that seemed larger than life seem insignificant now and some of the little things turned into my greatest teaching moments. There are times I cherish and moments I want to forget but every single moment led me here to who I am today. Some things made me bitter and many made me better and now it is time to bow to the ending year in gratitude and let it go. If a closet is full, there is no room for anything new. Life is like that too. It is healthy and necessary to create new space and we can only do that by loosening our grip on the things it is time to give away. Recycle, clean out your closet and rearrange it in a way that works for you today. Time is full of change and you have no choice to be part of that change too Flow with it. Let it move through. We cannot change the past. We cannot hold onto it and force it to stay in this moment. Learn from it, cherish it and let it grow you into someone ready and willing to allow life to fill you for another year. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Trust in that and enjoy the view.

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