Land Ho!


This week we hit a major landmark. It’s been a really tough, stressful school year in this house but we are officially halfway through the school year once we get to Friday. This is a reminder that everything does eventually pass. The important thing is not to get swept up in the tumultuous current and let it carry you so deep that you cannot escape. Believe me, I know because I am standing here soaking wet, barely able to catch my breath. The experience, this stress has changed me in ways I am not proud of. It has stirred up an ugly place that I don’t care to revisit anymore. New year. Fresh start and time to put the ugliness behind me now. Nothing is worth your sanity, your health or your peace of mind. The toughest part about being a mother is the inability to separate from our children. I don’t necessarily mean physically but rather mentally and emotionally. I take this job very seriously and how they turn out, what they become is a direct result of the kind of job I do. I know that is not entirely true but it’s hard to convince myself otherwise.

Happy Monday! Find something to be happy about and focus on that. It feels so much better to be happy and our thoughts do make a difference. Choose good ones.


11 thoughts on “Land Ho!

  1. I can see it! I can see it! Fresh green grass! It’s over there!…and then the roller coaster car clicks over the hill, aiming us down a steep, sloping track…toward a 100 ft. drop into the next 6 months of education nightmares……EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! O_o


  2. Deborah johnson

    Oh, dear one. What you do every day may take it out of you and make you say and do things you never thought you’d ever think much less say. I’ve been there. 30 years I was there. I hoped I made a difference but it was so hard I hoped I wasn’t making it worse. After you retire you’ll start hearing from students who you made such a difference that their lives will never be the same. Someday you’ll know all about the hundreds of lives in which YOU have made an eternal difference. Hang in there. You are important. Merry Christmas.

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    • Deborah johnson

      I think I misunderstood. Are you a teacher as well as a writer? I’m not sure if you are. If you were referring to being a mother and get that child through school.OMG I’ve been there ,too. It is so hard to have self-control over a child you love more than life itself. What is so hard is the decisions they make that you know you have taught them differently. However, all you are responsible for is teaching them the right values and then let them go to become the wonderful citizen , person, into which you have put so much love and energy. Hang in there Mom.!

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