Embracing Calm


I am in heaven tonight. I am sitting here in the quiet watching the dancing flames inside my fireplace. I made a promise to myself today that despite the crazy going on all around me, I would be calm tonight. I know it doesn’t sound like too much to ask but in the middle of the last week of school before break, calm is not something that comes easy for me. It is in these peaceful moments of solitude that I feel like I am home. This is my natural state, this is the way I am meant to be.

What makes you feel calm?


6 thoughts on “Embracing Calm

  1. Deborah johnson

    Several things make me feel calm. One is watching and taking pictures of sunsets and sunrises and focusing on the power and Majesty and love of God for me. Another is to sit in front of the fire with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and read out of Jesus Calling, an inspirational short daily conversational type writing that feels like He is talking, and encouraging me personally. Excellent book. Another is when I am upset about something or have something on my mind I can’t get rid of, I begin to write and get it out of my head and heart and onto to paper. If it turns out inspirational I make a poem of it. If it turns out to just be frustration , it goes in the trash .Works every time. Great post to think about! Merry Christmas.

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