You Just Never Know


I never realized how even the minor details of what I do affects the people around me, even the ones I do not know. As I approached the light yesterday it turned yellow. I decided to stop at the last minute so the front end of my van was sticking out into the crosswalk. As I glanced to my right, I noticed a woman crossing the street and heading straight for the van. It didn’t take long to realize she was blind. I felt terrible but I couldn’t back up because there was a car right behind me. Luckily, she was able to avoid it but I know it was sheer luck that kept her safe. This is a reminder that every single thing you do will affect somebody else. Try and be mindful of that and be considerate in your thoughts and actions. We can make life harder for someone or we can make it easier. Choose wisely.


6 thoughts on “You Just Never Know

  1. Yes, you are so right. The same with our environment, our fellow creatures, other men, animals, plants and so on. Everything we do has an effect on something else. As we walk we may trample on small insects or ants and then we complain about how other human beings trample on us to go up.
    Cruel world, eh ?


  2. Good observation. I also try to prevent unwanted effects.
    Now, in your example, the car was an obstacle to the blind lady, but I don’t think you should feel very guilty about it. Most yellow traffic lights -in several countries- switch to red too soon. I think a few more seconds would make it unnecessary to step on the brakes. The problem is probably that most drivers will welcome such a leeway by going on, instead of slowing down earlier.

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  3. koppieop

    Your nice reply encourages me to tell you an amusing anecdote with a yellow light. As a matter of fact, the ABSENCE of one. Turning to the left was allowed; I am sure the light was green when I advanced, and it switched to red before I had crossed the avenue. A cop standing there (“on purose”?, I’m inclined to say yes!) did not answer my protest against those yellow-less traffic lights and went on writing out the ticket. I received it but of course refused to sign it, so I had to appear before the judge.
    The judge was comprehensive. Before I could say anything more that good morning, he told me that he knew the situation, and tore up the ticket right away.
    Hopefully, this is not off-topic. Best wishes, specially during these hectic December days! .-


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