When Hope Shines Through


Headway is a beautiful thing, especially when it comes to watching my children grow in leaps and bounds. I think I have officially survived the worst of the teenage years when it comes to my daughter. I sat back and watched painfully as her attitude and work ethic became more of a hindrance than a positive trait. Lately though, something magical has been happening. She is smiling more and the amount of dedication she has been putting into her school work and studies is admirable and her grades are the best payoff of all. I’ve mentioned that she is a swimmer. Her best stroke is the 100 fly but she has refused to do the 200 fly the last few years because well, it requires pain, hard work and physical along with mental exhaustion. Her coach put her in that event today. I gave her permission to scratch because I didn’t want to hear the complaining. She got up and left at 6:10 and almost seemed to be excited to be going. Not only did she drop ten seconds and make it to finals, she is actually going back to swim it again. 

To all you parents who have lost hope, the teenage years are hard. Just when you feel like giving up hope, something wonderful changes overnight. We just have to trust that those selfish, bad attitude teens will turn around and if you’re patient enough, when you least expect it, they probably will. Here’s to a positive moment in parenting. Cheers!

11 thoughts on “When Hope Shines Through

  1. Thank you ! I am just out from an argument with my younger teen girl and the problem was her constant back-chatting me. I am not patient myself and it lead to some bad times. But as soon as the words were spoken, my teen girl wanted to kiss and make amends.
    Teenage is like that- one moment sweet and the other sour.
    I am glad your girl wants to go ahead with the 200 fly. I know that as mothers we know better than them but they need to see what we see and then build on our confidence in them.

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  2. Hello! Saw your post at OM’s M&G. I like your blog. You may want to give much more hope to this girl who was once a believer of hope but was slapped back by reality. Will her unlit stars ever shine again? Here’s the link by the way https://soulinsurreal.wordpress.com/2015/12/29/a-dreamer-no-more-when-stars-are-unlit/
    I am looking forward for your thoughts or “a new perspective” perhaps to this post and some other posts that I have and will have hopefully! Thank you 🙂

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