Happy New Year


I read a post recently. I can’t remember exactly when or who it was by but the theme really touched me in a way I hadn’t expected. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, every year I choose a word to set an intention for the next 365 days. I wanted to pick something special and profound that would affect me in every way. This post revolved around the word soften. Soften, yes, that’s my word. This year I hope to soften my voice to show more respect, love and compassion. I hope to soften my heart to understand, forgive and love to my full potential. I hope to soften my shoulders, to let go of stress and anxiety and to revel in calm that comes more naturally and continuously. I hope to soften my face, my expressions, my eyes so that I can look at everyone more lovingly instead of with exasperation. I hope to soften my mind and my thoughts to replace the worried, anxious ones with reassuring, confident ones. I hope to soften my expectations of everyone around me including myself. Soften, yes that is the one. May my journey to soften contribute to softening the world a little more every day. 

Happy New Year to so many of you who have offered me support, comfort, and peace of mind when I’ve needed it most. May this new year bring you peace and happiness and the awareness to know the difference each and everyone of you make. Let’s make 2016 our best year yet!


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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