Solitaire Taught Me This


My new addiction is playing solitaire on my iPhone. One thing the game has taught me is it is crucial to know when you still have a move left and when it’s time to throw in the towel. The mind is such a controlling, manipulative device and you have to control it or it will take over and control you.

Last night, one of our rabbits busted loose and I was devastated. This is the second time this week but this time was much different because the dog ran after her causing her to run faster and further than ever before. It was dark and despite my husband and daughters best effort, the situation appeared to be hopeless. I was sick inside. What would happen to that little rabbit out in the wild? My mind created all kinds of terrible scenarios. I was tired but the thought of her out there was robbing me of much needed sleep.

Around ten last night, they decided to give it another go. Much to my surprise, Kayleigh walked into my room holding the rabbit. My mind was convinced we would never see that bunny again. I can’t help but wonder how many times I have given up on something because my thoughts led me to believe I was out of moves. How many times did I walk away and quit because I didn’t believe I had a chance to attain a goal? I know now that I have to be more open to possibilities. Often times, it may look like the game is long over but in reality there are still plenty of moves.

Lessons come in all forms and from many sources. I am grateful that a simple game of solitaire enlightened me in such a profound way and I am grateful that adventurous rabbit is safe and sound.


3 thoughts on “Solitaire Taught Me This

  1. A good and healthy 2016 for you and your family!
    I share your sympathy for solitaire but have you tried Freecell? Since I discovered it some time ago, I find it more attractive. It makes you ponder more alternatives that solitaire. Greetings.-

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