Sometimes Death Teaches A Lesson That Comes Too Late


Kiddy Rock died today. Several years ago, my brother brought a cat home from college. Kids were abusing her and he felt the need to go on a rescue mission. That cat never left my mothers house again. The truth is, I never really liked the cat. She would stand underneath every step you tried to take until you gave her what she finally wanted. She never stopped meowing and I have to admit she was really annoying. Today though, I surprisingly shed a few tears for her. Like most of us, she just wanted to be seen and heard. Don’t we all want attention? The difference is that cat didn’t have too much pride to demand the attention she craved. Most of us feel the same loneliness and yearning for love that she did. Why are we so selfish with what we can give? Why is it so hard to love people the way they want to be loved and give them our time and attention? Why does it take losing a person or a pet to realize how crappy we were to them in the time they were in our lives? My son loves that cat. We were just home a few weeks ago and I heard my mother ask who put a towel out by the front door? I knew it was him so she had something soft and warm to lay on. His heart is enormous and his heart will be broken. We should all love someone or something that much. We should all be so kind. Do it. Start today. Be kind. Pay attention to those people in your life who are craving your attention. Love them today while you still can because tomorrow is never promised.


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