Self-Destructive Behavior #2


Today, Danny from reblogged a post I wrote awhile ago titled, Can You Name Your Self-Destructive Behaviors? I am grateful for two specific reasons. One because it is getting a great response and the other for holding me accountable to talk about a different self destructive behavior a week. I believe it takes a good, honest look at yourself to bring about any amount of change. If you are not being honest with yourself and you allow the little excuses to distract you from the truth, the image you see of yourself will be only an illusion instead of a clear, honest reflection of who you are. The truth can really sting sometimes and I believe that is why we try and avoid it. 

That brings me to behavior #2. I speak when I am angry. I say things that are hurtful and hateful or I say something in such a brutally honest way that I will never get the support I need from the person I am speaking to. It’s been a slow process but slowly, one day at a time, one year at a time, I am learning to pause. Sometimes I fail but I’m getting much better at strategically putting my words in order before spitting them out of my mouth. My words, your words, they define who we are. They leave people with a lasting impression of who our words imply we are. Is it a true reflection? Of course not. There are many who make a career out of manipulating with words. I do believe if you can be honestly raw and speak from your heart, your true intentions cannot be ignored. So, this week, I will work on keeping hurtful things to myself and using more tact when it comes to my conversations. It is a curse and a blessing to be honest and blunt but it is our responsibility to show others respect and sensitivity when we speak.

Your turn? What is one of your self- destructive behaviors?

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