No More Panic Attacks


I had a hunch that the cell phone was the source of my anxiety and today I can confirm. I have vowed to be calmer and less stressed as I dive into this glorious new year. I can honestly say that the source of my panic earlier months was messages from my son at school. I have switched his classes and put the responsibility on his shoulders to take care of things on his own at school and this first week back to school, I have decided to sleep in and take care of my own psyche. I’m never going back to last year. EVER! No more palpitations. No more panic attacks. No more feeling like I cannot breathe. No more shaking so violently that I cannot type a single word on my phone. No more feeling guilty for doing whatever it takes to make myself well even if that means doing nothing at all. 

I admit, when I do turn on my phone, I have to take deep breaths while I wait to see how many messages I have waiting to read. Today was no exception. The first message I read was SOS. The second was I have chest pain. And the third, help! I think I’m dying. So, believe it or not I am sitting here in urgent care with my daughter still remarkably calm. I have found a way to wait for the right answers rather than formatting my own wrong, stress inducing false ones. I am healing and I am grateful. Now we wait and I pray it is a torn muscle. If not, I, we will deal with the facts as they come. It’s a new year. I am calm, I am confident and I am strong. Yep. It’s a new year.


15 thoughts on “No More Panic Attacks

  1. It is a new year. When I was in college ( there were no cell phones then), my mother used to dread the telephone bell, fearing they were calls from me for help. I used to call home frequently to tell them I can’t cope and it took a toll on my mum.

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  2. We never wanted a mobile but were given one as a gift by my father in law.
    We ended up buying another so that we had one each, and it was several years before we discovered we could send and receive text messages!
    Panic attacks I can identify with, and know several triggers which I can deal with one to one, but if several come at once, I’m a quivering wreck.
    Staying calm is key. I find the smell of lavender helps.

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  3. Good way to start the year. Well done. Remember it’s all about taking small steps. All you need to do is take one small step and keep putting one foot in front of the other… but you’re already doing this AND taking time for yourself. Good job. Keep going πŸ™‚

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