15 thoughts on “Timing

  1. Why are you chuckling?

    I almost tear up at that quote. I was just thinking today, again, how important is it for me to stick with these…principles? aspirations? morals?…that I grew up with versus going with the masses who tell me left and right how I am too rigid or too something and not living the life they live. There are so many sources trying to change the way I breathe or look at things. And, here I am questioning my own “initiation” into this life. On the edge of sanity, I ask myself this question. So, this quote helps me just a little to step back onto solid ground and hold myself steady…if it is the right path.

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    • Hello there! I am chuckling because I was ready to throw in the towel the day before and this quote was taunting me to continue to fight the fight. So the timing is what made me chuckle but I wholeheartedly agree πŸ™‚


      • You post so many posts (though I think a few weeks ago you posted something about spending less time online…which kinda said to me, “You’ve taken too much of her precious time”…”You’re part of her drug/life excess”…”She does not need this.”). So, I probably overlook the key story related to this one.

        And, how did you stumble upon this quote at such a fortuitous time? Obi-Wan Kenobi contacted you?

        I think you ride a very curvy roller coaster that has you screaming at the edge of your seat one day and then smiling uncontrollably the next when the big scare evens out with some odd windfall/good fortune. You say you are ready to throw in the towel so often; I would imagine some see it a bit like the boy who cried wolf. And, maybe I have had similar moments but didn’t acknowledge them.

        …Can I really drift into introspective mode more today? I really shouldn’t. But, my chin is descending to my fist which is perched on my knee.


      • I think it’s okay to throw the towel in when you run out of options. Maybe you take it too broadly when I am referring to something specific. It’s important to pick and choose battles. No one wants to be at war all the time.
        As for less time blogging, I spent several weeks not posting much at all. Ebb and flow. You move with the change. When I say something I am not inferring it applies to the rest of my life. It only applies to a chunk of time.
        As far as crying wolf, it’s okay to vent by writing down feelings. It helps me feel better and reduces a load of anxiety. There are also many bloggers who have gone through similar situations who have been a pillar of support, encouragement, help and inspiration. I am so grateful to the ones who answer my call.
        I think I answered it all.


      • Then, do we ever run out of options or do we simply choose to take no other option than defeat? There’s that resonating question. Is defeat not just one choice among many? Or, can fruit come with admitting defeat? So many possibilities.

        So, even your thoughts/feelings on this blog world rise and fall like the roller coaster. Nothing you feel or believe is constant other than change?

        I wish I could say this was a remedy for anxiety and a cure for what ails me. But, I am not so sure. In fact, I am quite doubtful what good it does people. But, I am not those people.

        Well, then, you have been luckier than I, I guess. That’s about all I can say at the moment.


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