What Goes Through Your Head at Midnight?


I was up last night thinking ridiculous thoughts. This constant pressure of work, work and more work sits on top of me sometimes and weighs me down. I missed valuable hours of sleep picturing a giraffe with bunny ears. Maybe an elephant with a giraffe neck would be easier to make. Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind. We just got the instructions for another time consuming, useless school project. I won’t bore you explaining the details. I will let you see them for yourself. As if we don’t struggle with the work we already have to do. As if we don’t already sit at the table from four to nine every night to keep up with homework and studying.  Now this? At what point could they have decided the project was enough? Couldn’t we have done only one animal and proved the student understands the concept? Is it necessary to make a model a certain size and out of recycled materials? Let me know what you think. 



2 thoughts on “What Goes Through Your Head at Midnight?

  1. Oh goodness. My eldest starts school in February. I am not looking forward to all the homework, although I’m sure they’ll break us in gradually (I hope!) As if I have enough time as it is to get anything achieved. They sure do complicate things for no reason.

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