Sometimes I Just Need A Day


I used to feel really selfish taking a day to care for myself. The women in my parents generation believed in taking care of everyone else and pushing their own needs onto the back burner. I appreciate my own mother for loving me that much. She gave up everything every second of her life to be the perfect mom. She loved that job and she wouldn’t trade a single day for anything different. The problem is, I look at her now. She has slowed down quite a bit and the health problems are slowly creeping up and tapping her on the shoulder. Her eyes are tired and her breathing is labored. She is still trying to take care of her family every single day. Whether it’s babysitting her grandchildren or running someone here or there, it is still mom and dad who are a constant rock. Sometimes I get so mad at them for not taking better care of themselves but the truth is they are doing exactly what they have always loved to do.

I try so hard to find the in between. That place where I do what is necessary and to love my kids the best I can. But for me, I can’t be the mom I want to be if I don’t take care of myself as well. So today, I took Chase to school and grabbed my fuzzy blanket and went back to bed. It is rare that I relax and am not triple tasking with as many things as I can juggle at one time. Today was for me. Today was about allowing the quiet sound of the house into my soul. It was about slowing down my breathing and allowing the pace to slow down with it. Today was about putting my own oxygen mask on so I am ready and able to take care of everyone else. Sometimes I just need a day.

Do you ever take a day for yourself? How do you spend it?


9 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Need A Day

  1. I do.
    Not often enough but I do. 10 years ago I even went on a week long vacation on my own for the first half and with a girl friend for the second half.
    When I take a day, I get up early and drop Em off at school before going for breakfast, I might go to the bookstore, walk around the mall, go to the spa (mani/pedi or massage) drink coffee, read books, write… Just enjoying myself by myself.
    I don’t even do this once a year but I do it when I feel I need it!

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    • The older I get the more I schedule myself in. It makes such a difference. I’m not sure what a vacation alone would be like. I’ve thought about what a weekend home alone would be like. I can’t even imagine what I’d do with myself and no kids, no mess 😉

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  2. Healthy Not Nuts

    Absolutely I take a day here or there for myself. I don’t have kids and I never will (no Uterus) but if you can do it, you should. I believe this very strongly. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others…. Enjoy!

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  3. Kim I do and especially here I do- some days I call up work and tell them I am not coming in to work- I don’t tell them the reason but my husband knows it is for some ” My time”.
    My parents are like yours though, they do too much for each of their grandchildren, children and sons- in – law.
    But they do take time out for themselves, in spite of their limited income to travel some place, or go for a movie or something. My mom, goes off to her native village to at first to see her parents but after they passed away to see her brother. I think my father takes time off from looking after kids by either sleeping or reading books.


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