Are You A Jerk?


In my lifetime, I have learned that not everyone has good intentions. I used to trust everyone to do what is kind and right but people have let me down time and time again. My daughter has an odd situation when it comes to swim team. The same coach has the job of coaching both our high school teams from different sides of town and the teams train and travel together. Only one team is very good and unfortunately it is not ours. Last year, much to everyone’s surprise, both our girls and boys team finished in the top seven. For how few kids we have on the team, this was a huge accomplishment. The thing the girls were most proud of was making the top 8 finals for their 200 free relay. They were elated.

This year he has taken that 200 free relay away from them and put them in the 400 free relay. Last night 2 out of three teams finished a lap and a half ahead of them. They don’t even stand a chance in that one. So today there is another meet. Kayleigh told him a month ago tonight is the semi- formal dance at her school only and that she had to leave early from the meet. Today, he sends a message that she is again in the 400 free relay, which is the last event of the meet and guess who is the last swimmer? Usually she is the second swimmer. This meet isn’t even that important.

What is the underlying purpose of this post? Don’t be a jerk. Don’t go out of your way to do the exact opposite of what is good for someone or the reverse of what they want. You won’t gain any respect that way and I think it’s obvious what it will make you look like. Just don’t do it.

Now, because it is against policy to drive yourself to a meet, we have to drive 2 hours to try and get her home as soon as possible so that she is somewhat ready before 13 kids and the limo arrive here to pick them up. Wish me luck!


17 thoughts on “Are You A Jerk?

    • Nope. He just doesn’t care about our kids. Our team. It’s obvious and him coaching both teams is a huge conflict of interest. I’ve known him too many years to think any different.Remember our kids compete against one another. I have no idea how he is even allowed to do it. It’s crazy. It’s hard enough to focus on one teams times and putting relays together. Imagine how difficult it would be for two. Last year I paid attention to what kids were faster in what strokes and told my daughter who asked him if they could try it and it was the best medley relay they’ve had in years. 6 seconds faster than the order he had them in. The other team does a swim off and the winner gets the spot. He doesn’t do that with our team. You decide.

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  1. All I can say is let Kayleigh choose which is the more important meet to attend – the swim or the dance one and if she chooses the dance one, she must give up the swim one and tell the instructor so.


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