A Painful Reminder


We just passed a horrible wreck. As I drove by and saw what was left of the car my hear sank inside my chest. I forget sometimes how fragile life really is. One mistake, one minute, being in the wrong place at the right time can forever change a life. Today I am grateful for the life I have and I am sad for whoever will be on the receiving end of that call. Take advantage of every minute. You don’t know which one will be your last.

Are You A Jerk?


In my lifetime, I have learned that not everyone has good intentions. I used to trust everyone to do what is kind and right but people have let me down time and time again. My daughter has an odd situation when it comes to swim team. The same coach has the job of coaching both our high school teams from different sides of town and the teams train and travel together. Only one team is very good and unfortunately it is not ours. Last year, much to everyone’s surprise, both our girls and boys team finished in the top seven. For how few kids we have on the team, this was a huge accomplishment. The thing the girls were most proud of was making the top 8 finals for their 200 free relay. They were elated.

This year he has taken that 200 free relay away from them and put them in the 400 free relay. Last night 2 out of three teams finished a lap and a half ahead of them. They don’t even stand a chance in that one. So today there is another meet. Kayleigh told him a month ago tonight is the semi- formal dance at her school only and that she had to leave early from the meet. Today, he sends a message that she is again in the 400 free relay, which is the last event of the meet and guess who is the last swimmer? Usually she is the second swimmer. This meet isn’t even that important.

What is the underlying purpose of this post? Don’t be a jerk. Don’t go out of your way to do the exact opposite of what is good for someone or the reverse of what they want. You won’t gain any respect that way and I think it’s obvious what it will make you look like. Just don’t do it.

Now, because it is against policy to drive yourself to a meet, we have to drive 2 hours to try and get her home as soon as possible so that she is somewhat ready before 13 kids and the limo arrive here to pick them up. Wish me luck!

Sometimes I Just Need A Day


I used to feel really selfish taking a day to care for myself. The women in my parents generation believed in taking care of everyone else and pushing their own needs onto the back burner. I appreciate my own mother for loving me that much. She gave up everything every second of her life to be the perfect mom. She loved that job and she wouldn’t trade a single day for anything different. The problem is, I look at her now. She has slowed down quite a bit and the health problems are slowly creeping up and tapping her on the shoulder. Her eyes are tired and her breathing is labored. She is still trying to take care of her family every single day. Whether it’s babysitting her grandchildren or running someone here or there, it is still mom and dad who are a constant rock. Sometimes I get so mad at them for not taking better care of themselves but the truth is they are doing exactly what they have always loved to do.

I try so hard to find the in between. That place where I do what is necessary and to love my kids the best I can. But for me, I can’t be the mom I want to be if I don’t take care of myself as well. So today, I took Chase to school and grabbed my fuzzy blanket and went back to bed. It is rare that I relax and am not triple tasking with as many things as I can juggle at one time. Today was for me. Today was about allowing the quiet sound of the house into my soul. It was about slowing down my breathing and allowing the pace to slow down with it. Today was about putting my own oxygen mask on so I am ready and able to take care of everyone else. Sometimes I just need a day.

Do you ever take a day for yourself? How do you spend it?

Don’t Forget You Shine


” And as we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear our presence automatically liberates others.” Marianne Williamson

Be who you are without apology.shine your light and shine it bright no matter who or what tries to make it go away. 

Leave It Behind


Today’s mantra: I will not remain stuck on the things I cannot change.

It’s a tough practice to tackle but sometimes it’s better not to give the things that make you crazy more time and attention than necessary. Sometimes it feels good to complain because that is the only thing we can actually do about something. Negative talk attracts negative thinking that only leaves you feeling frustrated and lousy at the end of the day. So how do we get past those things that drive a nail through the middle of our forehead? I have no idea but I am trying to figure it out. It seems much healthier to give something trying a little side glance than it does to pick it up and carry it around all day. Today, when you see it there and you’re walking by, just kick it out of your way.

What Goes Through Your Head at Midnight?


I was up last night thinking ridiculous thoughts. This constant pressure of work, work and more work sits on top of me sometimes and weighs me down. I missed valuable hours of sleep picturing a giraffe with bunny ears. Maybe an elephant with a giraffe neck would be easier to make. Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind. We just got the instructions for another time consuming, useless school project. I won’t bore you explaining the details. I will let you see them for yourself. As if we don’t struggle with the work we already have to do. As if we don’t already sit at the table from four to nine every night to keep up with homework and studying.  Now this? At what point could they have decided the project was enough? Couldn’t we have done only one animal and proved the student understands the concept? Is it necessary to make a model a certain size and out of recycled materials? Let me know what you think. 




God grant me the courage not to give up what I think is right even though I think it is hopeless.
Chester W. Nimitz

I saw this quote today and I had to chuckle. The timing of some things is undeniably more than coincidence. What do you think?

A Lucky Break


Occasionally we are fortunate to get a lucky break. Today that gift was delivered to my doorstep and there are no words to describe how relieved and grateful I feel. That’s all it takes, one small helpful thing that makes a difference in our day to give us the strength and hope to keep trucking along. Isn’t it amazing that each one of us can provide that gift to one another? When is the last time you did something that made someone’s day? When is the last time someone did that for you?

A Note of Gratitude


I spent many years feeling lost and unsupported. People are hard these days and that “suck it up” attitude runs pretty strong. These last few years though, I have found an amazing mountain of support and encouragement from my blogging family. Not only are you kind enough to listen and empathize but you also offer solutions and try and help. I hope you know the difference your sweet words make in my life. Just the fact that you even take a few minutes of your own precious time to make a difference in mine, makes me feel very blessed. Thank you to each and every one of you who has ever brightened my day, straightened me out or offered hope and choices I wasn’t even aware existed. My plate is so full and I am grateful. Thank you.


A Day To Breathe


My plan for today is to have no plan. Sometimes it’s okay to sit back with my feet up and allow life to come. I know at least for me, it is common to lace up my running shoes and run full speed to take life on. It just doesn’t need to be that way. Not everyday anyway. So today, I take time to breathe and find peace in the uncertainty that is all around me. The world will survive just fine without me so I can take a few moments to stop trying to save it. Sometimes I need to save myself. Today will be one of those days.