Where Did She Go?


Somethings been a little off lately. For weeks I haven’t been able to put my finger on what has been out of sorts. It’s no secret that woman love to wear clothes. We would probably change three times a day if it didn’t make us look absolutely crazy. The problem isn’t with the clothes though, the problem is with the hats. Woman juggle so many responsibilities. We have many roles for one small person and sometimes it leaves us drained and exhausted. We are always mom. Some days we are house cleaner, driver, tutor, advocate, cheerleader, educator, therapist and the list goes on and on. We are employees and wives and daughters and aunts. Just listing all the things we have to be is a hint as to why I feel so tired all the time. One thing I am very guilty of is forgetting to be a woman. At the end of the day I want someone to open my car door, hold my hand and tell me I’m beautiful. I want someone to look at me like I’m someone special and feel wanted and needed on a level that doesn’t require me to save someone or take care of something. 

I’ve learned that as much as I strive for balance in my life, this is one balance I never seem to achieve. I can’t be everything to everyone all the time and sometimes it’s necessary to be that care free girl who is getting ready for a date on a Saturday night. So how do we lock all those other hats away and be that woman we were before we became a wife followed by the responsibilities that go hand in hand? How do we forget the bills and the appointments and the kids long enough to cut up the rug one weekend night? How do we become that young girl again excited about life and full of dreams? How do we do it? Someone tell me please.


14 thoughts on “Where Did She Go?

  1. I will tell you my little secret….Go for a walk in a wood with someone you love. No make up, no time restraints, no aim of where to walk, no phone. Hopefully it will rain. Walk hand in hand and notice the grass, and the trees, and the noises. Feel the air on your cheeks. Just talk about what you see, hear and smell. How amazing everything is. Nothing else. Before long, your whole body rebalances. I would highly recommend it.

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  2. You, and your husband, make it a priority. Long before kids, it was just the two of you. Without that, there’d be no kids. Your marriage should be a priority and cutting a rug with your spouse feeds the soul of the marriage. Priority!

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  3. What will be left will be what you preserve x me and hubby try and have just one night a month for just us. We dress up, go to the movies or just a burger. I know we have at least another 10 years of the girls growing up – what I’m preserving is most probably a little old man, playing Skyrim and Fifa 2015 and me shuffling around in my dressing gown – nope hold on, that’s us now 😊

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