A not so funny little scare happened today. All week long I helped Chase work on a paper for Language Arts. It was hard and took a lot of time but we took it slow and did one part at a time. It was finally due today and we were both happy to have it behind us. As I was sitting outside the school waiting to pick him up, I happened to check parent portal. There was a flag that his essay was missing and I almost lost my mind. All those hours, all the time put in for what, missing? How could it be? I tried to text him but was not successful so I sat there trying to calm myself down before he walked to the car. Apparently, they exchanged papers today and were given time to help each other make any necessary changes. So, my Chase read his friends paper and thought he was going to fail and kept his paper to come back during 8th hour to help the boy write a better paper. He saved his own life with that story and as he reached the car, the flag changed from missing to turned in. 


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    Read on for a classic example of a twice exceptional student. This special mom spent a week helping her son finish an essay and what does he do? He offers the same compassionate support to another struggling writer. This post highlights the power of modeling compassion. Love is powerful!

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