Could It Be Me?


My challenge this week is, be the person you want to be.

 Often times I lay in bed at night repeating some of the things I’ve done or said into the late hours of the night. They repeat over and over until I’ve beat myself up enough to finally fall asleep. I get stuck in these negative patterns that weave their way into who I am leaving me feeling discouraged and ashamed. I am not perfect. None of us are but the fact is, when you are doing something you know is wrong, you have to decide to make the change. Awareness is the red flashing light that screams “don’t allow yourself to go there again”. Habits are hard to break. They don’t happen over night and the more you fall victim to the act, the more it becomes embedded into who you are. That line between where the habit stops and where you begin blurs to the point you will never see again. So how do we stop doing something we are not proud of? How do we wake up and say, this is the day I take control over my life again? This is the day I be the person who will say, I got it right today and drift fast asleep when night quietly knocks on the door. The first time you do something you are not proud of is the day you should decide to never do it again. The more you repeat the behavior, the more you start to accept it. Expect more from yourself, never less. This is the day it stops, right here, right now. No more excuses. Be accountable for who you are and the effect you have on the people around you. Ask yourself, how do people to react to me? Is it them or could it really be me? It’s a tough question to ask but you cannot heal what you don’t acknowledge. It is time to heal. 

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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