Just On A Whim


For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be~~ John Connolly

I woke up on Saturday morning from a silly dream. I was laughing and playing like a small child. I couldn’t get the image of the genuine smile I had on my face out of my mind. Where was I having such a great time? Disney World of course. It’s a place that has always felt magical to me. Even as an adult, it has a way of awakening something inside of me that I don’t get to feel much anymore. I thought to myself, why not look up the airfare just out of curiosity. The prices were hard to pass up. I woke my husband up at that point who immediately grabbed his laptop and started looking for himself. An hour later, our trip was booked. When I told the kids, they more more excited than I ever imagined. They are 17 and 14. I guess we all need a break from the serious side of life. We all just want to have a little fun. I hope my pictures show a hint of that childlike smile I saw in my dream. Our last minute, spontaneous trip is less than three weeks away. When is the last time you made a spontaneous decision?

4 thoughts on “Just On A Whim

  1. I heard about a comedian on the radio last year as I was getting dressed. He was one of my favorites and he was in town for one night only. That night was the night I heard about it. Without hesitation I went on line and purchased the tickets then called my husband at work to let him know we were going. He is NOT spontaneous and will talk himself out of a buy of most things nearly every time! He had no choice in this matter because the tixs were non-refundable~ Needless to say we had a blast and it was our first date night in a long time. We so needed it! Date night is now a regular for us. Once a month minimum! Great post. If found you through another blog so I think I will follow:-)

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