As Luck Would Have It


It’s funny how things work out sometimes. For those of you who have loyally followed my school saga, today really takes the cake. I volunteered to be a test monitor today. Of all the classrooms I could have been assigned to, as luck of the Irish would have it, I was assigned to the science room. Remember how many times I have mentioned Chase’s struggles in science are due to 2 very specific factors? The first is, the teachers will not allow us to have access to notes, even though it’s an accommodation in his 504. The other reason is the fact that they do not have a textbook that he can reference. Many meetings ago the assistant principal told me he would try and find Chase an old textbook so he would have something to study and reference. Needless to say though, there was never any follow through. After 3 hours of boredom I started to look around the classroom. To my absolute surprise, I spotted 34 8th grade science textbooks sitting on a shelf. I picked one up and started reading the chapter with the information he is learning now. The information was very easy to follow and written in a way he could easily understand. Someone please explain to me why this book has never been offered to him. It just doesn’t make sense. 

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