What Makes A Good Day?


What makes you feel good? Sometimes I hit a lull in my own life but one thing is certain, lifting someone else up always lifts myself up too. I have learned that being kind to others and helping people in ways they cannot help themselves is a one way ticket to a happy place. Our time and how we choose to use it is such a gift and when we take someone’s hands, look them in the eye and silently say, I dedicate my time to you, that gift is a vibration that is sent from one person to another. It is a wave that keeps on going blessing everyone in its path. Not having a great day today? Do something nice and unexpected for someone and watch it change.


6 thoughts on “What Makes A Good Day?

  1. I am extremely lucky to have a daughter who loves to hug and smile so when my day is so-so, she’s never far and I chose to let her happiness impact me as opposed to my “not-so-happy” attitude impact her. It’s amazing how quickly a day can go from bad to good once a conscious decision is made to do something about it. This can be as basic as a smile or doing something nice for someone or even letting someone do something nice for you and be grateful for it 🙂

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