How Do You Live?


A girl I went to school with lost her battle to cancer today. One thing I know for sure is you can learn so much about living from someone who knows she’s dying. There is no time for the nonsense. No time to stress over a kid getting a bad grade. No time to stress over an argument, your favorite sports team losing a game. It is so insignificant, all of it. The things we get ourselves crazy over seem so unimportant on a day like this. So how can we do it? How can we remember that everyday is a gift and tomorrow is never promised? The truth is we are all dying. Every day we do live is also one less we have left to live. Find a way to live like today is your last day. We don’t have time to sweat the small stuff. It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. How will you choose to live today? What changes do you need to make?

4 thoughts on “How Do You Live?

  1. In Mitch Albom’s great book, Tuesdays with Morrie, he quotes Morrie as saying “You can’t know how to live until you know how to die.” Once a person accepts that death is certain, and very personal – i.e. not only is death inevitable for others, it is for me too, then one can truly enjoy the life that is.

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