Climb Higher!


My mom is in town visiting for a few weeks. Today we went on a little hike in nature. One minute she was on the trail and the next minute she was climbing a tree. I had to chuckle to myself at how furious my other siblings might be. We had a conversation on the way back to the car. There are two kinds of people we all have in our lives. Ones who will say, get down from there before you get hurt and ones that will say, keep going even higher. Which kind of people surround you more of in your life? Do you think it makes a difference?


What Can I Learn From This?


This year has been full of ups and downs for me. I’ve faced bouts of depression and anxiety but through it all I’ve found a new kind of calm. I’ve asked myself the same question over and over lately, what can I learn from this? Instead of fighting against what is and what will be, I’ve learned to brace myself enough to gain the confidence to know without a doubt, I will make it through this. “This’ comes in many forms. This week it is one thing and a week from now another. One thing always remains the same. This will pass. Maybe not in the timeframe I’d like it to but I know there will always be a calm after the storm. So what have I learned from this challenging year? Life is so short, too short to hang onto things longer than necessary. I’ve learned to not engage in the things that darken my soul. I balance my time in a way that I do not become drained by the people around me(well except maybe my kids but that comes with being a parent sometimes). Do I still  get mad and anxious and discouraged? Sure but those times are brief and at the end of the day, I have learned to let it go. I sing that song constantly. I even bought a shirt with those words written on the front and on those tough days, I put it on. The best gift I give to myself is no pressure. Whatever gets done gets done and if it’s not perfect, that’s okay. I allow myself to be human and embrace every part of who I am. I spend less time getting caught up in the crazy and more time committing to a solution to get me to the next day. The most important thing I learned is tomorrow is not today and today is not tomorrow. It sounds kind of silly but it makes so much sense to me after all these years. What is an important lesson you have learned this year?

Be a Fork


Some people are like steak knives, always cutting. It’s almost like cutting is an obsession, waiting for someone to say or do something, always ready to rip apart. How about, just for today, we put the knives away and challenge ourselves to see something good in everyone we see. Can you do it? Can you stop looking down on everyone, even the people you despise the most? Can you stop the negative comments and puts downs both in the words you speak and the message you send out through social media? Sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all. So what do you say? Are you capable of that kind of restraint? You can make the world bitter or you can make it better. Choose your words wisely today.

Make Monday Great Again!


“Mom, are you still going to make me French toast?”

Every fiber in my being was screaming no, you can’t get up but the mother in me knew she had to do it anyway. This was the morning after spring break, the day we become imprisoned by school, work and schedules. The problem is, it was a really tough night of no sleep. I haven’t been feeling well for a few days but last night really took the cake. I finally fell asleep with a cough drop in my mouth and I am extremely grateful I didn’t choke on it in my sleep.

Just as I began to force myself out of bed, I heard my husband say, “Ive got this, go back to sleep”.  So here I am just waking up and feeling much better than I did at 6:00am. Someone needs you to be kind today and just like me they will know you are the reason their day is so much better. Be that person. Make Monday great again!

Will You Join My Movement?


As one week comes to a close and another begins, my intention is to send echoes of peace and acceptance out into the world. Everytime I come in contact with someone, whether it be in person or through social media, I will silently wish them peace and love. We need more of that out there. Will anyone join me? Let’s start our own movement in these difficult days and months ahead. 

Lessons From The Couch


I’m watching the NBA game right now and the commentators keep rehashing a previous play. I actually started to get annoyed as I thought to myself, it’s over already, move on. Then I tasted the hypocrisy on my own lips. Perhaps I should take my own advice. So many thoughts play over and over in my mind about things I cannot go back and change. It’s unimaginable how many times a day I do that exhausting thing. What a waste of time and energy. It’s finally time to stop looking back.



Today we went to see the Allegiant movie. It felt so familiar, almost like deja vu. It was about two people fighting for power and the people who rallied behind them. They were killing each other literally so that their chosen one would have the power. In the meantime, while the people were turning against one another and fighting amongst themselves, the real power sat in his comfortable chair watching humanity crumbling while he chuckled to himself. Really, I swear I’ve already seen something just like that. Doesn’t it sound familiar?