A Snapshot in Time


Life was so simple then…

A memory popped up on Timehop today. It was a picture of my little guy walking down the aisle in my brothers wedding so many years ago. I thought life was so hard back then. I had little kids who depended on me for just about everything. I had to make sure they got up in the morning and brushed their teeth before school. I usually had to help my son find his shoes and remember to take his backpack on his way out the door. I had to make sure they ate breakfast and put on a jacket on a chilly day. I had to rush them to dance lessons, gymnastics, swim team, football, soccer. It was a busy time and it’s all a blur.

Looking back now those days were simple. They were small and innocent and I was so much of their little world. Today I have teenagers. Today I worry about real things like drugs and date rape and getting good enough grades to get into college someday. I worry about who they will be and what contribution they will make to a society that needs compassion and kindness more than ever before. 

Yesterday they were so little and today they are almost adults. Life was so simple back then.


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