I’m Fed Up!


There I said it. The hypocrisy in everything is deplorable. In a perfect world, I would load Facebook and see kindness and private messages saying, how are you? What is going on in your life. Instead the reality of who we have become as a people is excruciating. Let me say this to all you Trump bashers and anyone else who posts horrible things about these candidates. When the candidates stand on national tv and rip one another apart, they look small. When media and parties and special interest groups go out of their way to destroy candidates and the character of these people, the media looks small. And my friends on Facebook, when you turn around and do the same, you look small.

We love to judge and demean and drag people we don’t like through the mud. Take a long, hard look at yourself and ask yourself which do you do more? Build people up or tear them down? Do you have the right to be judge and jury? I have spent a lifetime trying to remove myself from the wrecking crew. I have enough work to do on myself without having the audacity to suggest someone else is far beneath me. 

So which is it, will you choose to rise above or will you choose to be small? 

21 thoughts on “I’m Fed Up!

    • It’s not even that. It’s that we have become so small as a people. Our leaders aren’t necessarily the best role models.I Have teenagers and want them to raise people up. When you can do that, you can shine even more. Stick to the topics and drop the name calling and ridicule. Shame on that behavior who even does it.

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  1. Jumping on the Band Wagon! If there’s a line, American people will stand in it. It doesn’t matter what’s at the head of the line. I will admit that I do enjoy candidate bashing because I cannot contain myself when I hear some of the mindless things they say just to get a vote. They don’t seem to care who they hurt. Media is Danny’s pet peeve. I do listen with a fair mind even if I don’t like a candidate or media person. If someone misinterprets something the candidate says or buys into some piece of gossip the media or an opponent throws out without checking validity, I will defend the subject regardless of my opinion of them.

    Unfortunately, I did a post on “Jumping on the Bandwagon” in which I defended Jarrett of Subway fame and Bill Cosby. I wanted to pull the post as more information came out. Instead, I made myself admit that it was obvious that I made a mistake in defending these two men who presented themselves to the world as upstanding people. The jury is still out on Bill Cosby who I had the utmost admiration for and I am still skeptical of the accusations but feel there is a grain of truth in at least one situation. I would hope that these women are not ruining a reputation for the sake of the almighty dollar. I have a tendency to wonder at the situations these women put themselves in if their stories are true and their reasoning that they did so to get acting jobs. Yet, my mother once told me that she would hope I would not report it if I was raped because I would know I deserved it. Her basis for saying that was that I was in a sexual relationship without the benefit of a marriage license. This from the queen of infidelity. When I recently told her that she said that to me and told her that I knew what she meant, she said, “I would hope so, I can’t believe I said that.”My purpose for telling that is that it made me stop and think before I judge these women for putting themselves in that position. How did I feel when my mother said that to me? It sucked and I have never forgotten the unfairness of her statement.

    This is sort of off topic but President Obama voiced the need to stop publicizing mass shootings and bombings. Media attention is giving courage to the “wanta-be’s” to follow suit. I can certainly see that.

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  2. It’s the avalanche effect. Those with the biggest voices cast the biggest stones. Then, these reach down to the “smaller” folks below, level by level, creating a trend of negativity/mud-slinging. Some would say it starts in the government and polling places. Or, the media/televised (and now internet) news. Wherever it starts, it snowballs from there.

    I don’t agree with you that being “judgy” or mean makes anyone small, though. Because the last thing someone casting gloom or shoving another around represents is small. Bullies are rarely if ever smaller than their victims (aside from those with the Napoleon complex). [Sorry, if that’s also a misguided label, departed Napoleon.] So, being a “booer” makes people big, unsettling and discouraging like foul weather clouds. No one is bothered by a tiny dark cloud that won’t likely produce much rain.

    By becoming smaller, we actually do good by taking up less space with inflated egos and humble ourselves to require less of the resources that must help everyone.

    Writingbolt, not running for US presidency.

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      • You would look small to me because you’re shorter. πŸ˜› But, that doesn’t make you small in endurance, patience and definitely not small in voice as you write/say so much. πŸ™‚

        I still say being a jerk makes a big blowhard, not a pipsqueak. When you take the air out of the Trump clouds, you see the human behind the Wizard of Oz head.

        If you say hypocrisy exists, it will. If you deny it the air to breathe, it is extinguished. We had this talk before. πŸ™‚ Go watch Merlin with Sam Neil.

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  3. I’m so over the presidential race. It is emotionally exhausting. My political views are my own, but this name calling and bashing has been going on for years. President Obama didn’t name bash, but when he got elected he was called everything but a child of God. The reality is that this is jacked up society and until we change our mindsets we will continue this foolishness. Can I formulate an opinion about a candidate based off their own public comments? Yep. Is that being judgmental? Probably but we are all judgmental in every aspect of all that we do. Have I done it? Nope. I’m just saving my opinion for casting my vote. I don’t have to comment on a candidate’s character to know that I wouldn’t support someone who wasn’t a decent person. Decency is defined on an individual basis so trying to convince folks that someone is decent is not something I care to do.

    I’ve just unplugged from the politics of FB for the time being. It is emotionally draining and I just want to focus on being a better person.

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  4. I agree completely. I actually typed an exit post intended for FB explaining why I am removing myself from the platform and saved it to Word. Your post prompted me to post it to FB this morning. I cannot tell you the number of “friends” that post the most vile, negative stuff: bad language, personal information, arguments, etc. The negativity on FB is overwhelming thus I choose to eliminate it.

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    • Understandable. It really makes me see people in a whole new way…controlling, pushy, elitist, rude, insulting. Hurts my heart. The very thing they point out about others are the qualities they cannot see in themselves. It’s unreal.


    • It really is sad. How can we see something in someone else but ignore it in ourselves? It’s so ridiculous to watch. The truth is whatever feels good at the time and feeds the selfish soul is fine as long as it is in our favor. I really hate elections 😦 it brings out the absolute worst in most of us 😦

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  5. I recently watched a video in where Eckhart Tolle said that we should be mindful of what we are contributing to the collective consciousness. Every bit of anger, fear,and judgement, that we partake in is adding to the whole of our collective consciousness. You literally have to be the change you want to see in the world. πŸ™‚ Joe

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    • So true. I love by those last 20 words. There is a huge responsibility in taking on the challenge to be that kind of change but every single bit makes a difference. It’s not always easy but always necessary πŸ™‚


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