Is Your Head In The Game?


Get your head in the game. One game. One court. Focus. Choose one. For me, that seems like an impossible thing to do. I cheer myself on, tell myself I can do it.  

Today, I physically rode in the car to get a prom dress for my daughter. I knew how important this day was for her. I wanted to be part of it. I wanted it to be special. My heart was right there with the best of intention but my mind was someplace else. I got the message this morning that my hospice patient took a turn for the worst. I stopped in to see her on my way to shop and my mind was stuck there in that nursing home room. I was there still sitting on her bed and kissing her on the head. I was torn between two places and I needed to be in one completely. How do I do that though? How can I get my head in just one game and play it completely? I am always torn and often scattered making it so very hard to ever be fully mindful and present. I guess for today, I will find a way to look less distracted and do my best to put a smile on my face. Now, to find the perfect dress.


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