Be a Fork


Some people are like steak knives, always cutting. It’s almost like cutting is an obsession, waiting for someone to say or do something, always ready to rip apart. How about, just for today, we put the knives away and challenge ourselves to see something good in everyone we see. Can you do it? Can you stop looking down on everyone, even the people you despise the most? Can you stop the negative comments and puts downs both in the words you speak and the message you send out through social media? Sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all. So what do you say? Are you capable of that kind of restraint? You can make the world bitter or you can make it better. Choose your words wisely today.

15 thoughts on “Be a Fork

  1. Okay, what is eating you, Gilbertina Grape? Day after day, you are posting these…urgent wishes for people to be less harsh, crass, painful with their words/attitudes. Are you being unusually assaulted or sensitive? Who hurt you? I am disciplining myself but could do better.

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      • But, you say it five different ways, five days a week. Are you trying to start the rain with your dancing and chanting? 🙂 And, how do the negative people feel when pointed at and called out? Don’t they have to come to terms with themselves and be awakened in their own time? I continue to come to terms with my own negativity, my inner monsters (including fear) and sift out the little flecks of gold people like.


      • Well people who don’t want to hear my repeated message don’t have to read my posts. Often when I write something it’s a reminder to myself to “be the change” and not succumb to the pettiness. If you lived in this house you would understand that something needs to be said 5 different ways before some people actually hear it or get it. I guess that practice goes along with parenting lol. As for how people feel for being called out? Would they even recognize it? Probably not


      • But, what about us nice people who play the Follow game with your blog? We see you saying it every week. 🙂

        I was just thinking…maybe its a reminder to yourself not to be too short with people. Maybe writing it often enough is like a mantra to keep calm and carry on.

        Or, maybe, your kids and hubby just don’t want to listen. 🙂 My mother wore out everyone’s ears; so we slowly stopped listening to her even if she never stops talking. She lost or gave up the ability to talk WITH us and chose to talk AT us. You get more flies with honey…inviting people to talk equally/fairly. Not telling them something should be or has to be.

        I am Uncle Buck-ing. Does that count?


      • You’ve got what? Sorry for the wrestling reflex. We’ve done this incorrigible song and dance before. I should have said rock, scissors paper and issued a written punishment for the loser.


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