What Can I Learn From This?


This year has been full of ups and downs for me. I’ve faced bouts of depression and anxiety but through it all I’ve found a new kind of calm. I’ve asked myself the same question over and over lately, what can I learn from this? Instead of fighting against what is and what will be, I’ve learned to brace myself enough to gain the confidence to know without a doubt, I will make it through this. “This’ comes in many forms. This week it is one thing and a week from now another. One thing always remains the same. This will pass. Maybe not in the timeframe I’d like it to but I know there will always be a calm after the storm. So what have I learned from this challenging year? Life is so short, too short to hang onto things longer than necessary. I’ve learned to not engage in the things that darken my soul. I balance my time in a way that I do not become drained by the people around me(well except maybe my kids but that comes with being a parent sometimes). Do I still  get mad and anxious and discouraged? Sure but those times are brief and at the end of the day, I have learned to let it go. I sing that song constantly. I even bought a shirt with those words written on the front and on those tough days, I put it on. The best gift I give to myself is no pressure. Whatever gets done gets done and if it’s not perfect, that’s okay. I allow myself to be human and embrace every part of who I am. I spend less time getting caught up in the crazy and more time committing to a solution to get me to the next day. The most important thing I learned is tomorrow is not today and today is not tomorrow. It sounds kind of silly but it makes so much sense to me after all these years. What is an important lesson you have learned this year?


14 thoughts on “What Can I Learn From This?

  1. There are some tidbits in this piece that I have gone over with you before; so I will not repeat myself. 🙂

    But, it sounds like you are floating on a raft in a stormy sea, repeatedly praying for the water to calm down and bring you to a sunny beach.

    How long is too long to hold onto something? There is no right answer. Just what we tell ourselves to either regret or accept what we dump and/or stash.

    You seem as certain as you seem uncertain. Spinning your tires and venting pent-up anxieties/frustrations.

    All I can offer is reminder to breathe and practice that yoga you mentioned.

    Is it December 31st already? 🙂


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