Does one bad action deserve another?


Something happened Sunday evening that made me stop and really appreciate how fragile life really is. It was a difficult lesson but the amount of gratitude I feel reaches far beyond any words.

There is a farm in the back of our neighborhood. The boys who ride motorcycles often duck in the fence and ride the perimeter of the property to get over to another neighborhood. I’ve warned the boys time and time again. Trespassing is wrong and I will never argue the fact that breaking rules and laws are wrong every single time. Apparently the farmer had enough. He took barbed wire and hung it perpendicular to his property fence and attached the other end to a cedar tree. There was only one wire across neck height. The most dangerous part of all was he hung it in an area where the property takes a major dip downhill. The barbed wire was not visible to the human eye. I understand this man wants these kids off his property but the result of his choice to alleviate the problem almost killed my son. The barbed wire caught him between his chest and neck and pulled him backwards off his bike where he landed on the ground hitting his head extremely hard. I can’t help but struggle with the question, do two wrongs make a right? Is land really more important than a persons life? I am not at all condoning what the boys did but is what this man did acceptable? Couldn’t he have filed a complaint, called the police, tried to talk to the boys or parents? Here is the result. I am so grateful my son is still alive. 



7 thoughts on “Does one bad action deserve another?

  1. the-reluctant-parent

    are you going to talk to that dude? This sounds like using one wrong in turn for another, this is being an jackass of the highest level. What if it was someone smaller riding a bike who may not have been so lucky? he could face serious legal percussions for such an act. I’m so sorry this happened to your son and I hope he’s doing alright.



  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    First of all, glad your son is okay. Unfortunately this hard life lesson may have a more lasting impression than all your admonishments.

    That being said, I think two wrongs don’t make a right and perhaps you need to have a conversation with that individual.

    I know that it is his property but if there was malicious intent, then he may be legally liable.

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  3. Oh my gosh, Kimberly. I had read your post on FB about it but seeing the pic and reading the details makes me cringe! The thought of what could have happened is truly unimaginable!! So glad he is okay and yes, the farmer needs to know. Does he want an accident that ends up being much worse on his conscience? 😦

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