Nobody can hurt me without my permission.

Mahatma Gandhi

I read these words today and for a second I felt confused. Could this be true? Is it possible that I decide who hurts me and when? Sometimes I know I am just too sensitive but other times I am able to logic my way through someone’s words or actions and not be affected by them. So what is that fine line, the in between of being able to blow something off or be completely shattered by it? I still don’t know so for now it will remain a mystery to me. Do you really think the words in this quote could possibly be true?


3 thoughts on “True?

  1. I agree with the statement. When you worry about someone’s criticizing words, it’s gives them power over you.
    Usually once I’ve prayed about something and become convinced that what I am doing is Gods will, then if they criticize it is their problem.

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