A Birthday I Will Never Forget!


I did it! I turned the big 45 in the happiest place on Earth. Yes, I know I was just at the Magic Kingdom a month ago but I must say, celebrating my birthday there was absolutely amazing! I had lunch in the castle embracing my inner child surrounded by smiling princesses. And wrapping the day up with the electric parade and fireworks left me with goosebumps from head to toe. One thing I have spent the last year understanding is that life is just way too serious. Maybe actually, I am way too serious and there is so much opportunity in my life to allow for some fun. That is my word for the year to come…fun! Laughter, love, smiling, giggling, fun. All those other dreams and goals and pressures to be more, have more, do more can wait. This year will be about finding my inner child and experiencing more happiness than I have ever known. Here are some memories of my special day!

15 thoughts on “A Birthday I Will Never Forget!

      • I felt like strapping on some donkey ears and a pin-able tail after I commented. I’ve been such a poo–er, Eeyore, lately. But, I mean it when I say I think the whole Disney theme park empire is suspiciously grandiose. It may appear awe-inspiring, but something under the shiny, perfectly clean and painted surface smells fishy.

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      • It’s hard for the inner child in me to come out and play when the grown-up world keeps lining up more things to worry about than what toy or t-shirt I can get at one of a million gift shops. I also am not keen on how Disney seems to be swallowing up more creative empires and filling their coffers with the blood, sweat and tears others earned with their life’s work. It’s like playing Monopoly and knowing that person across the table already has every property in their pocket. Why keep playing just to wait for your few remaining properties to be mortgaged or watch the grinning one count his/her money all night? I’m tired of watching that game. I look for more of the “little guys” with just-as-good times/parks and more originality. I remind myself to stay close to nature and steer clear of all the materialism and coaxing people into the snooty lap of “I deserve more of the best!”

        NO responsibility? Not even to your own family or your own well-being? That sounds like the typical night at the bar, getting wasted before someone has to cart you home. We’re not the little kids who can eat a whole bucket of Halloween candy and be just fine the next day, anymore, are we?


      • To each his own. I try and be happy wherever I am whether it’s nature or manmade. And I am more than happy to hang my responsible, serious hat on the wall to feel young and free again. Not like a night out in the bar. At least not for me


      • Well, it seems, when my inner child pokes its head out, I am inclined to turn into Peter Pan and find myself against the grown-up world. It’s an internal struggle both sides cannot win. Show me where Captain Hook and Peter Pan can coexist as one and the same. Or, just watch what happens when I stay up past midnight playing video games. That’s my bar. Yar. 😛


      • That would be a challenge for sure. It’s tough when you’re in a constant struggle with yourself. How’s the depression? Sounds like it’s rearing its ugly head. Video games huh? My son is an addict. Drives me crazy 😉


      • I wasn’t going to bring that up…

        I’d say it recently crested, yep. But, it gets swept under Nephew Beach almost daily. And, as much as my little self might like to join the little ones in play, someone has to be the grown-up.

        It seems, when it comes to video games, there’s no age limit. Just changes in preferences. The games I couldn’t stop playing til after 1 am as a kid no longer appeal to me much. I keep finding new challenges and worlds to occupy the way countless women on this site seem to do with their incessant book consumption.

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      • Such escapes are fleeting. It’s like Sisyphus pushing a boulder up that hill. It’s like smoking or drinking. How many times must we crash and risk our lives before we get wise and find more productive paths to true, lasting happiness instead of flashes of irresponsibility that become addictive distractions?


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