Getting It Right


“AHA” moments come in many forms. Last night one came through a conversation  I had with my daughter.

I’m a strong, stubborn, independent woman. I’ve always seen it as a strength until that moment hit me so hard between the eyes I had to be honest with myself.

Prom is this weekend and my daughter was complaining about how annoying her date was because he was trying to make reservations and plan for a car to drive them both there. When I asked why she was so irritated, her response was, “I can make the reservations myself”.

Bang! Smack! There it was!  That is the moment it happened. I explained to her that her date was doing what a proper date would do and that it’s okay to stop being a bossy pants and allow someone to take care of things for her once in a while. I mentioned that it would be very difficult for her to find a healthy relationship if she insisted on taking over every aspect. 

As soon as I said the word bossy pants, our eyes met immediately and we both started to giggle. I have taught my daughter to be a bossy pants. What I thought was a strength for so long can actually destroy what can be a wonderful relationship. How did I get it wrong for so long? 

It was a lesson for both of us. Part of being a good role model is saying with great confidence, I am not perfect and I am willing to change. That’s what life is all about I guess. We wake up, do our best, go to sleep, get up and try again.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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