A Sentimental Day


It’s prom day here in Oklahoma. I’m sitting here watching my husband on his hands and knees scrubbing the pool deck. We’ve spent the last hour sweeping and moving outdoor furniture since our backyard will be the backdrop for some very important pictures. A few hours from now, our house will be filled with teenagers excited about what the night will hold. I’m very emotional today. I can’t put my finger on what is hitting me so hard. Maybe it’s that in between of watching my baby girl go to her high school prom and my mom getting older everyday. Maybe it’s the balance of being the mom and the little girl and not knowing which one I want to be on what day. Maybe it’s looking back 27 years and clearly seeing the reflection of me in my own prom dress from afar and wondering where in the world did the time go? Why did it have to go so fast? Regardless, it’s a beautiful day and I am grateful for this blessed life I have.

2 thoughts on “A Sentimental Day

  1. the-reluctant-parent

    I didn’t know you were in Oklahoma. We live around 30 minutes form the OK line in north Texas.

    It sounds like it was quite a busy but emotional day for you, a day that you and the family will be able to hold in your memories for years to come. Okay, so that was a bit clicheish but I’m happy you had a good day.

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