Not My Game


Some days, all I have to do is breathe and someone is ready to pick a fight. It’s taken me years to learn that sometimes I find myself on the receiving end of someone’s anger and frustration but most times the situation has nothing to do with me at all. When I learned to remove my personal self, the logical self was able to find the strength to not engage. We think everything is about us but most times it’s really not. It’s hard when someone is picking apart my every word to find the discipline to not join in a game I just don’t want to play. When I can pick myself up and move myself away, I feel empowered and relieved that I get to control not only how I will allow someone to treat me but also how much their words and attitude can affect me. Walking away is always better than an exchange of angry words that chips away at relationships over time. Not my game. Not a player. 

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