To My Mom on Mothers Day


Today I asked myself, why is my mom so special? It’s hard to believe all moms aren’t special in their own unique way. Why am I even thinking about this? Chase wrote me a poem about why I am his hero so it prompted me to think about my own mom and why she is mine. 

Here are 5 Reasons

1) The truth hurts but one thing I have learned throughout my life is honesty is a top priority to me and it is near impossible to find. There have been many who have told me what I want to hear but only one who tells me what I need to hear.

Thank you for your honesty mom.

2) The world has a way of making me feel insignificant and small. Unimportant. You have always made me feel special like I am the world and not a brushed aside part of it.

Thank you mom for making me feel important.

3) You see me. I mean really see me. You pay attention enough to notice the little things that others miss. Sometimes I feel invisible but I am never invisible to you.

Thank you for noticing what makes me who I am.

4) You never let me settle for less. You push me to be my full potential, to do more and be more when you know there’s a little bit left inside of me.

Thank you for encouraging me to always reach for the stars.

5) You have given me the most precious gift day after day from the moment I was born…time. When the world screams, I don’t have time for you, you softly whisper, I have all the time in the world. 

Thank you for giving me your time.

You have been that one person my entire life. My rock, home base, my biggest fan, my honest critic, my support, my listening ear, my words of advice, my best friend and that one person who showed me it is possible to have someone who never lets me down because I am important and special enough to deserve all those things and even more. You have shown me loyalty, love, commitment that have inspired me to be the kind of mother to my children that you have been to me. And the best part? They got to experience that kind of love from you too. Not only are you an amazing mom but there is not one grandmother in the world as dedicated as you. I am so grateful you have provided them with the same love and support you have given me. Because of you, they too believe they are special and important.

Happy Mothers Day to my hero. I hope you know that you are loved in so many special ways. I am so blessed to have you as a mom.



Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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