Calm After the Storm


My own words proved to be very true today. A few hours ago I was caught off guard as the sound of tornado sirens screamed from my backyard. I wasn’t really expecting bad wether today but as soon as I read a text from one of my friends that read, get in your shelter now, I knew it would be an interesting afternoon. I panic inside. When that big, black cloud circles overhead, I feel trapped and afraid. Lucky for us it never touched down. At least not today. 

A few months before we moved into this house it was hit by a tornado. The house across the street would eventually be torn down. The threat is very real. I referred to the quote about life earlier that simply states, it goes on. Every moment does pass and there is a calm both before and after the storm. If I could put those words into a picture, it would look something like this. Hard to believe this was the view from my backyard after such a stormy day. It goes on…


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