Life Goes On


Have you ever noticed that everything we do comes down to one day? The expectation of that day can cause stress that is difficult to control. The anticipation can keep us up all night for weeks at a time. It can cause countless hours of planning and preparing only to leave us standing alone when that day comes with not an ounce of power to control a single thing. 

There are days like that where we have to let go and let it be whatever it will be. There can be happy days where our expectation of perfectness is shattered by reality. It can be a day we challenge ourselves but the unfortunate result is one of failure. It can be longing to hear a particular result that in the end is just bad news.The worry or the excitement or anything else leading up doesn’t mean a single thing yet it controls a significant portion of our life and imprints a wishful expectation of how we want something to be.

Like it or not, the day will bring the truth. The day will erase the misconceptions and repetitive thoughts and replace them with something that we will have to get through. That quote by Robert Frost says it perfectly,

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on. 

 IT WILL GO ON and you will get through it. Take it one second at a time and when the only thing you can do is breathe, then just breathe. Even when it seems like the end of the world, most times its not. This too shall pass.


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