Until Then


I woke up very anxious today. To my surprise,  that old, familiar elephant was sitting on my chest. I’m finding it hard to catch a deep breath. Part of me wishes I could crawl back under the covers and go to sleep but my mind is on speed. In fact I feel like someone took the paddles and jolted me back into my body. Ive been floating above it watching from afar and that has allowed me to stay comfortably numb for awhile now. Not numb in a scary way. I’ve just had a long stretch of feeling more like myself, free from the heaviness on my chest that forces me to long for hours on my yoga mat praying to feel grounded. Maybe I will go outside and put my feet in the dirt and stand there for while. Maybe I will do nothing and just become one with it. Fighting doesn’t help. Sometimes I just have to wait it out. Eventually it will pass. Until then…


6 thoughts on “Until Then

  1. Sooo, if you’re stressed out from too much going on, you crave yoga…and if there’s not much going on, you’re anxious like this?

    Hmm. Planting our feet in actual dirt like a plant. Now, there’s a notion. I get the feeling you’d make an exquisite zen/physical therapist. Together we’d come up with some crazy therapy tools to maintain inner peace. We’d do so well that we’d never return to our mortal chores. Quiet, everyone. We’re planted. πŸ˜›

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