Yep, It’s One Of THOSE Days


Some days I try and walk left and can only go right. Today is the kind of day when everytime I bend over, my glasses fall off of my face. Everytime I even looked at something in the store, the clothes would just fall off the rack. To top it off, I went to get my hair cut and figured my girl was just finishing up since she had just cut and dried a woman’s hair. She disappeared for 15 minutes and came back with color. Who cuts and dries hair and then colors it? I just got up and left.

Here’s a high five to everyone having a difficult day but still maintaining a positive attitude. We are the salt of the earth.


3 thoughts on “Yep, It’s One Of THOSE Days

  1. I feel you on this! I have a few blog posts that might help.. The “Get Your Shit Together Guide” and “Why You Should Always Carry UNO In Your Purse” might help with the chaos of everyday life. Stay positive, my friend. Just know that we all have had those days. xoxo

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