Is Your Kindness Conditional?


My dad pointed something out today that cleared up a discrepancy I wasn’t able to put my finger on until now. Everyone who reads my blog knows I was in a car accident yesterday. It was brought to my attention that the same kind of person who would stop their car to save a turtle from getting hit in the middle of the road is the same kind of person who watched a four car pile up and then drove away. The same person who was considerate enough to save a turtle did not share the same desire to make sure several people were not in the need of an ambulance or help when really he was the cause of the accident in the first place. Why no concern for whether we were harmed? Have we gotten to the point where we treat animals with more kindness and respect than we do other people? Maybe that is what we haven’t understood lately. We will protect one animal and purposely leave another in the middle of the road. Could this be the major dysfunction of who we are? We pick and choose who we will be kind to rather than maintaining kindness with whoever and whatever we come in contact with. We decide who deserves our kindness instead of stepping up and being a constant example of it. It explains a lot doesn’t it? We call other people out for picking and choosing when the real truth is, most of us are guilty of the same. Give this some thought because it may have a profound effect on who you are.


14 thoughts on “Is Your Kindness Conditional?

  1. the-reluctant-parent

    wow Kim, I had no idea you were in a car accident yesterday. Are you okay?

    And I agree completely with you and I’ve got my own ideas on why this seems to be a sad and pathetic trend among some in our society. Radicles and the media have implanted the notion into our cultural mindset for years that animals are deserving of more humane treatment than our own species. Though I haven’t weighed in one way or another on issues related to controversial topics like abortion, consider for a moment that we are the only species which volitionally kills its own unborn, persuaded to believe that it’s a choice for the woman by an agency who profits directly from such an act in the first place.

    Now having said that, people on the right attempting to regulate morals and acts related to said morality are as guilty of pushing their own agenda as those on the other side, not through a deep examination of our own values as a species but through the heavy hand of federal regulation and law.

    wow, did I just go way off topic on that or what?

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  2. Good points! And sort of shocking indeed. I wonder if the person would have gotten out and tried to help if he or she would not have been responsible for the accident. Helping people can be incredibly intimidating. There are many things playing into making people run off rather than help. One of the reasons often mentioned is not knowing what to do and fearing to be responsible for cask using more damage. But also to be made reliable if something goes wrong, which unfortunately can happen. A friend of a friend of mine once helped a person who had a terrible bike accident. He saved this persons life but he had to move him in order to give mouth to mouth which caused damage in the spine (or more damage, whatever). Long story short: He had to go to court, had to prove that without him moving this person the person would have died and he was facing prison time! Needless to say that he now thinks more than twice before actually helping. Which is sad but also understandable. As I said, there are many reasons…


  3. Kindness that is conditional is not kindness…it’s almost manipulation or something more controlling. Genuine kindness is selfless and giving and loving. People need to practice unconditional kindness for the world to be a better place.


  4. Glad to hear you’re ok, unfortunately I’ve come to this realization a loooong time ago, but it doesn’t stop me for showing compassion for my fellow man and animal.

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