It’s Not My Fault


The world loves to blame. People love to blame. It’s so hard to get through difficult times and when someone points a finger at me when I’m already feeling vulnerable and exposed it’s hurts. I am my own judge and jury and I certainly am not interested in anyone else taking on that role for me. No one knows what I do or how I feel or how much I give myself to something important. No one sits up with me all night when I cannot sleep or holds my hand in the middle of a panic attack when I cannot breath. Critical people have no place in my life and are no longer welcome. I don’t care who you are or what the reason. Why can’t people be more supportive? Why can’t there be more words of support and compassion and less of criticism and blame? When did people become so hard and so cold? It devastates me everytime I come up against it. Be better. Be the voice who raises someone up. Be the hand who helps them up and a safe place to fall at a difficult time. Be the person you need someone to be in you greatest hour of need. Be kind and compassionate and give for no reason at all. Be a step above and an example for others to follow. We need less blame and more of that. Be that please. 


2 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault

  1. I learned that we can’t do anything about what someone else does or says. It’s how we ourselves react to it that we have control over. It doesn’t make the pain any lesser, but it gives us a scence of control in how we choose to let it affect us.
    This might sound corny, but I had a Montra that I put on my phone to go off everyday to remind myself of my own goodness:
    You is good
    You is kind
    You is important
    It’s from the book “the Help”

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