Sticks and Stones on Social Media


I have been so proud of the fact I have avoided useless conversations on social media. We all have our breaking point though, that moment when we have to speak the truth even when we know we will  be on the receiving end of a public, brutal verbal beating. I am just really getting tired of people who call other people bigots and haters. Everyone has a very valid reason to believe in the things they do and why do we think we have the right to call someone names and assume we know the reason people feel the way we do? So it’s not right for haters to be haters but yet this small group of people hate the people who they call haters? What the hell is going on here? Do we really put our meaningless opinions and views before our respect for another human being who is maybe different from who we are? Is that not the same thing in disguise but we are too busy throwing sticks and stones to realize we are the very thing we claim to despise? Who do people think they are calling other people names? Are we in elementary school out on the playground? Yes I am offended because I know several people who feel very different ways and I don’t consider them haters. I do respect them enough to consider their points and views are valid too and I have no right to decide who is right and who is wrong. Just my useless two cents. But seriously, stop the name calling. It makes you look small. 


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