What I Learned From This Little Bird


I walked out into the garage an hour ago and I saw myself clearer than I have in awhile. There was a tiny hummingbird stuck in one spot near the top of the wall. At least he thought he was stuck. He was looking at the garage from a small perspective. Here he is, pathetically stranded and helpless to the point  of not being able to move.

I can only imagine how trapped he felt. Stuck in a place he didn’t want to be. I guess the saddest part of all is both garage doors were wide open. All he had to do was stop hanging on that one tiny spot and turn around. For goodness sake, he could fly and those wings could take him anywhere he wanted to go. 
Next time you’re feeling stuck, remember the story of this poor little bird. Turn around and try and see the situation in a way you can better handle. There are so many lessons tugging at our heals hoping we notice. I got this one loud and clear. We all have wings but we can only fly if we release our death grip on that little branch. Go now and fly and remember there is always a way out. 


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