Let It Be


I am constantly bombarded with friends who are obsessed with their child’s scores. They are scrambling to do everything to increase their child’s ACT or SAT score. I say, let it be. Why try to extend ourselves beyond who we are? If I am only five feet tall, no matter how many times I have people try and stretch me, I will still only be five feet tall. I am a hater of perfection or the path for striving for this false sense of superiority. My kids are good enough just the way they are and with the scores they are able to achieve. It’s that simple. I find it ridiculous that a students education is based solely on a single test. I promise how they answer those test questions does not represent the students creativity, knowledge or uniqueness. Everything is a joke and I’m not falling for it. I will spend $1000 on a family vacation before I’d ever consider spending it on a course designed to maybe improve a score. My priorities are just different and that’s okay.


2 thoughts on “Let It Be

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    Absolutely okay.

    I want my children to be successful but do not define that by straight A’s or their standardized testing scores.

    I would rather them grow up to be good, nurturing and compassionate individuals rather than be monetarily or positionally “successful.”


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