Waiting It Out


I decided to pick up one of Wayne Dyers books today. If I was completely honest with myself, I’d have to admit I’ve had some pretty negative feelings toward people lately. I just get to that point where enough is enough. I can feel myself sinking into the negativity as the anger wells up in my veins and I recognize the time has come to return back to a peaceful, loving person I am meant to be. 

Wayne suggests that instead of dwelling on the separateness we feel with one another, we should make it a point to try and see others as an extension of ourselves. Is there any way possible to see yourself in someone completely different in every way? This in turn would replace separation with connectedness and the whole cycle would reverse in direction.

Let’s just say I spent an hour in the pharmacy today. Everything was a total screw up but I recalled a time in the workplace I was that person on the causing end of messing everything up. I was kind and patient and an hour later, the whole mess was cleaned up.

So today, I challenge you to focus more on making connections than separations. You will be challenged beyond belief but I promise you will feel your heart soften and your lips smile. What do you say? Do you accept the challenge? The result might surprise you.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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