Is It Groundhog Day?


No one I know likes to do the same thing twice. How does that saying go, something about insanity is equivalent to repeating the same thing over and over and getting the same resul? I am insane. I have to be because I spend most of my days repeating what was already done.

Chase has a water rocket project due tomorrow. The instructions said the kids would have an opportunity each week to test their rockets. His has been done for over two weeks but guess what? The kids weren’t given the opportunity to finally test until today which I remind you is the day before it is due. So, his rocket flew like a superhero but didn’t survive the crash of a landing. So, rocket #2 was completed a few minutes ago but we have no idea how it will fly. Keep your fingers crossed because the bulk of his grade depends on how long it stays in the air and its ability to relaunch. 6 more days of school and Groundhog Day will soon be over. How do you feel about having to do the same thing twice? Is this a pattern in your life as well?


20 thoughts on “Is It Groundhog Day?

  1. I don’t quite see two tries at the same project as definitive deja vu. Buuuuut…

    I’ve been noticing repeating or very similar/parallel moments regularly for over seven years now. It’s quite unsettling. And, it’s not to be confused with human stupidity, repeating the same mistakes.

    Groundhog Day itself is not the same as the Bill Murray movie.

    Are you saying you do the right thing but must still do it again with someone’s help or someone else doing it their way? Then, isn’t your first attempt wrong? I am so tired of people telling me I do things the wrong way even after I have received directions. I can either feel defective or accept my attempt as good as theirs. I am fighting to defend the latter. My way may not be right in this twilight zone world I seem to occupy, but it is right in my eyes and, usually, heart. If I am not true to my heart, I am but a puppet.


    • I was referring to the movie and mostly my situation dealing with school. Every test is a retake. Most homework assignments are redo’s. I’m my case it’s because the teachers don’t provide us with accommodations to help Chase in school. It’s exhausting. Too much to explain And always double the work. It’s the end of the year and I’m tired.
      Sounds like you have a taste of it too. Doesn’t matter why, it’s a waste of time to do anything twice. I sure don’t have time for that. Life’s too damn short


      • Oh, right. That situation, again. No matter what you and your son do, he’s always off in some critical way that needs revision. Sigh. Will it end when he’s legal? He isn’t…”special” in any way, is he?

        I am thinking the reason for repeating things may be: 1) It is some wish I made late in life to go back in time and live through the crap again to get to something great I hated to lose. [Which sounds insane because I do not see why I’d want to go through all the crap I have, yet. And, if there is something so great ahead that I’d want to go through it all again to get there–if it hinged on all that–then it makes me both mad and sad that I have to go through so much to get there.] 2) I didn’t “get the message” the first time as intended by the universe. 3) Our lives are all on a loop, and every once in a while, loops touch.

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      • Maybe but sometimes having to repeat ourselves or a task is a direct result of someone else. That’s when it’s painful. If I make a mistake great, I will do it again but a screw up on the part of someone else that leaves me no choice to do something again and again is unacceptable.

        Of course my son Is special ๐Ÿ˜‰ I must remember you are not a parent lol


      • Well, yes, repeating something in the present time–as in having to do something twice–usually involves someone else throwing it back at us, and that does suck, indeed-ith.

        Yep. I am just a part-time parent. ๐Ÿ˜› aka babysitter of Huey, Duey and Louie.

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      • Eh…I guess just above water. I’ve been having some shaky moments, recently. I have had more dreams blur together and more ideas for things than I know what to do with. I kinda feel like I’m walking a high wire, just glad I don’t lose my balance completely.


      • No, no. The dreams are not productive. They’re a blur, as I said. Just too many of them to properly dissect. They disappear too fast, too. But, following the dreaming, I wake with a head full of voices suggesting creative tidbits. Most of those achieve nothing because they escape me like river fleas. They are distant birds chirping, nowhere to be seen and out of reach. I need to take deep breaths to clear my head and hope one good idea sticks with me to aid my writing projects.

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      • One will stick. Be patient. That’s how my mind feels everyday. So many thoughts…all a blur. I went back to yoga today. It’s the first time my mind has been quiet in awhile. It was great


      • Oh. I thought you were sending my lewd self away. We’ve been through this going to class business. Let’s not REPEAT. ๐Ÿ˜€ hehe I just don’t have the guts to go right now. Or, the composure to get through it.


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